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We are based In Suffolk and offer our services throughout most areas of Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

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We know insurance is boring, but we cannot stress how important it is that when looking for a removal company, that you check the insurance policies in place. We hear far too many horror stories where the correct insurance has not been in place. If you are unsure then you should ask the question, there is no harm in asking for proof of insurance either.

We are fully insured as a removal company, you can be assured that you and your goods will be safe with us. We have broken down the insurance we have in to plain English so you can understand what we offer and what you should look for to ensure you are fully covered.

Public liability insurance:

This covers the customer against personal injury caused by the company and it also covers the property against damage caused by the company. Our insurance covers us up to £1,000,000.

Vehicle insurance:

Our vehicles are insured for national and international business use including 'hire and reward'. Customers are also covered to be passengers in our vehicles. Without this hire and reward insurance, any goods in transit insurance would be void.

'All risk' goods in transit insurance:

Your goods are insured whilst in our care, from when we pick it up, to when we put it down at the other end. Wehelpyoumoveit has cover in place for up to £25,000 per vehicle load. Our insurance does not limit our cover per item. If you need more than £25,000 insurance per load then please do let us know as this can be arranged.

Be aware that there are many types of goods in transit insurance, ask the right questions and read the small print, it might be the case that if your £2000 TV is dropped, you may only get £40 due to a limit per item! Hauliers insurance is slightly different and often only covers by weight, so regardless of the item it will have a value determined only by its weight. Always make sure that the correct insurance is in place to cover you and your goods. It is worth noting that some home insurance policies have options for moving house

There are of course exclusions and conditions on our insurance and there are items which we are unable to transport, such as pets, non costume jewelry, flammable liquids etc. We are happy to explain these to you or you can find them detailed in our terms and conditions.

Upper tier waste carriers licence:

We are licensed to carry and dispose of your domestic or business waste. 

If you are having waste collected, it is a requirement of the duty of care that you ensure that the person or business collecting your waste is a registered waste carrier. You can check this for free on the Environmental Agency website. If your waste is not disposed of correctly and is traced back to you, or the person collecting your waste is found not to be a registered waste carrier then you will be held liable and can be fined.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our insurance policies.